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Hey there all! I have been getting enough inquiries about commissions that I've decided to allocate some time for them. No fancy system worked out yet, so it's best to contact me by note and let me know what you're interested in for a quote. Here's a rough guide to start with (final quote depends on job details):

-pencil = clean, contour lineart drawing, ready for ink/color
-color  = lineart drawing fully rendered with digital color

Character Art
- pencil: $25 (+$15 per additional character in same composition)
- color: $45 (+$25 per additional character in same composition)

Character Art w/ simple background
- pencil: $40
- color: $70

Complex compositions with multiple characters and a detailed background that the characters are interacting with...well, just note me for quote : )

I don't mind doing famous, original, MMO or other videogame characters, also portraits/caricatures of live people (say, you and your significant other in barbarian garb for a nerdy gift), pets, monsters, vehicles, robots, items and equipment.

Payment accepted through PayPal.
I have indeed returned to Portland, OR. It's great to be back, but now it's time to get back to business. Currently seeking out some freelance illustration work, wondering what other videogame and board/card game studios are in the area. I found Liquid Development and have been in contact with them, feels like a good fit and a good start.
I'm in an abnormally good mood, after learning one of my entries made it into their book! Thanks Udon.

The entry that didn't make it I've put up in the gallery. I didn't have much hope for that one but it was fun to do, and there's a couple tiny (really tiny, seriously) places that make me think, "So that's how Hughes does it!" - so in that regard I consider it a success for onwardness.
Thanks a bunch, DA! I was hoping to have my 5000 hits piece done in time, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow or the next day it looks. Since my World of Warcraft art has had by far the most interest, I have another piece coming up that WoW fans should dig.

Also, I'm going to start posting some big promo pieces and initial designs for a big Vexen project I've been slow-cooking, as well as opening commissions to the DA Public.

Thanks again, the support is great appreciated!
Thank you everyone for the warm welcome!